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"The Songs of Insects" Pairs Audio with Exceptional Images

"The Song of Insects" is an extraordinary combination of visual images and audio that highlights the calls and identification of the twenty-seven most common crickets, katydids, locusts, and cicadas found in the U.S. ...(more)

National Insect Salon Showcases Some of the Year's Best Arthropod Photography

The National Insect Salon is a great opportunity for intermediate and advanced nature photographers to compete and showcase their work....(more)

"Tracks and Signs of Insects..." Instructs Professionals and Advanced Hobbyists

"Tracks and Signs of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species" organizes and presents tracks and signs of invertebrates graphically in a logical, organized fashion....(more)

A Peek Inside an Insect Photographer's Camera Bag

This article introduces many items that increase the likelihood of capturing the high quality insect images we desire at any time of the day or night, regardless of weather conditions. ...(more)

Benefits of Insects

"Can Eating Insects Save the World?" Showcases Worldwide Entomophagy

This 60 minute BBC documentary presents the realities and importance of entomophagy throughout the eastern world, with the idea that some practices that take place elsewhere may alleviate some worldwide food concerns....(more)

"Creepy Crawly Cuisine" Cookbook Introduces Insect Recipes

"Creepy Crawly Cuisine: The Gourmet Guide to Edible Insects" is a short, inexpensive book offering a number of recipes for entomophagy novices. ...(more)

"Edible Insects" Highlights the Potential of Worldwide Entomophagy

"Edible Insects" is an extraordinarily detailed examination of entomophagy and its potential to alleviate a number of environmental and food supply issues impacting human populations across the planet. ...(more)


Preparing for Summer: Permanent House Fly Extermination

As their name suggests, common house flies are skilled at finding a way into your home. Once they get in, a fly swatter and bug spray aren't always enough to get rid of them. If your home has been overtaken by house flies, follow these house fly extermination steps for permanent eradication....(more)

Effective Tips for Controlling Flies

These buzzing and obnoxious flying insects are annoying, but this is not the only reasons why you don?t want them around. Controlling flies is important to your health, not just your sanity. When you swat that fly off your food, the damage has already been done. One house fly can harbor more than one billion bacteria and 60 different diseases. So beyond being just a nuisance, flies are also bad for your health....(more)

Kick Fruit Flies to the Curb: Easy Instructions to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

It happens without warning. You wake up and find your clean, spotless kitchen has the dreaded fruit fly infestation. They replicate quickly, and they remain in your residence even without the presence of rotten fruit.Eliminating fruit flies from your home requires more than just getting rid of overripe fruit. Once they have gained a foothold in your house, you need to eliminate all potential hiding spots in order to assure their permanent demise....(more)

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